State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA)

About SECA

State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA) is an annual program that provides all employees the opportunity to donate to the charitable cause of their choice through payroll deduction. It is administered by the Illinois Office of Comptroller (IOC).

SECA was created in 1983 as a workplace giving campaign, making it easy for state employees to donate to over 1,600 local, state, national, and international charities. Charities in the program address needs such as animal welfare, violence prevention, homelessness, cancer research, counseling for sexual assault survivors and more. Since its inception, state employees have contributed more than $84 million through the SECA program.

The IOC is excited for this year's campaign, kicking off in the fall.

SECA State and Univ Employ Combined

The theme for 2024 is "Do Good, Feel Good," because it always feels great to help others!

Charity Search

So are YOU ready to do good?

You can find the cause you want to support by entering keywords such as "animal" or a town into the Charity Search Engine. The name of the corresponding charities and a description of their mission will then be displayed. 

Overall, SECA supports 11 Federations: America's Best Charities, American Cancer Society, America's Charities, Black United Fund, Community Shares, Creating Healthier Communities, EarthShare, Global Impact, Special Olympics, United Negro College Fund and United Way. All individual charities fall under one of these Federations. 

SECA Sponsors

Your Campaign - Your Choice

The 2024 SECA Pledge Book, "Do Good, Feel Good," has all the information needed to get started. It includes an in-depth look at each of the 11 Federations, including their vision and mission. Many charities also include a breakdown of how your donations, no matter how small they seem, are helping others.

Please click here for a message from Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza.

SECA Pledge Book

Pledge Forms - Two Ways to Give!

Signing up for the SECA Program is simple. After choosing which charity (ies) you want to donate to, complete the online Pledge Now form. There, you will enter your name and address, how much you would like deducted each pay period, and for how long. SECA will send an email confirming your pledge.

You can also fill out a paper pledge form and return it to your agency's SECA Ambassador/Liaison. 

"Do Good, Feel Good"

Participation in the State and University Employees Combined Appeal is voluntary; any donation is greatly appreciated and helps make a difference. Payroll deduction provides an easy way to contribute to worthy causes, without feeling like too big of a burden on your wallet. Plus. it just plain feels good knowing you are helping others to have something to eat, be treated for serious diseases, live in a safer community and so much more.

Thank you for considering the SECA Program and understanding the impact and significance of a personal commitment through SECA. 

New in 2024, All Diamond Donors (those pledging to give $2,500 or more for the year) will receive a 40oz Stanley Quencher!

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