Smart Consumers Smart Consumers

Together, we can help residents throughout the state regain their financial footing.

Smart Consumers assists Illinois residents in regaining their financial footing. Through the program, Illinois communities and organizations may schedule financial workshops hosted by the Comptroller's Office. Workshops address everything from the tracking of daily expenses and budgeting to exploring credit card options and identity theft protection.

To schedule a workshop, please call: (312) 814-0034

Learn how to identify potential scams/fraud, protect yourself against identity theft, and address some concerns about being a victim of identity theft. Understand the importance of securing your personal information.

Learn about how to set goals, evaluate options after high school, maintain a good credit standing, protect against identity theft and discuss credit and debt. Ask questions about school loans and what you may need to apply to college or graduate school.

Re-learn the very basics of how to manage your personal finances. Identify the terminology and methods of budgeting and credit. You will acquire the tools to set goals, create savings plans and learn how to maintain a personal budget. You will learn about loans and how to pay off debt. Finally, delve into the difference between a credit report and a credit score.