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General Funds Payment Cycle History

At the end of the day December 31, the oldest General Funds voucher at the Illinois Office of Comptroller was 14 business days in arrears. The chart below shows where this compares to the end of the calendar year and the end of the fiscal year since fiscal year 2018, starting with 191 days at the end of October 2017, about a week before the State received more than $6 billion in General Obligation bond proceeds to help pay down the record $16.7 billion General Funds bill backlog, and including its high point of 210 days at the end of November 2017.

This chart puts a spotlight on the progress made since the 2015-2017 budget impasse in paying the state's bills, and highlights the importance of fully appropriated and responsible State budgets.

*This payment cycle does not apply to interfund transfers, which make up $2.3 billion, or 61%, of the IOC payables as of December 31, 2021.

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June 2021

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