Accounting Forms Accounting Forms

C-10 - Travel Voucher
C-13 - Invoice Voucher
C-18 - Annual Petty Cash Fund Usage Report
C-20 - IT Milestone Report Form
C-23 - Contract Obligation Document
C-24 - Contract Transparency Document
C-25 - IDOR - Form IL-W-4 - Employee's Illinois Withholding Allowance Certificate
C-25 - IRS - Form W-4 - Employee's Withholding Certificate (2023)
C-26 - Employee Address Certification
C-45 - Chart of Accounts
C-50 - Warrant Action Request
C-55 - Fund Transfer Notification
C-63 - Expenditure Adjustment Transmittal
C-64 - Receipt Deposit Transmittal
C-65 - Salary Refund
C-66 - Appropriation Transfer
C-68 - Application to Establish or Dissolve a Fund (Side 1) - Survey of the Need for a Petty Cash Fund (Side 2)
C-80A - Obligation Reconciliation Notice
C-85 - Change of Custodianship of Location Petty Cash or Change Fund
C-86 - Petty Cash Internal Control Certification
C-90 - Object Correction Request
C-97 – Quarterly Summary of Accounts Receivable (C-97, C-98, C-99)
Payroll Voucher File Effective 5-13-24
SCO-052 - PO Deletion Request
SCO-090 - PV Modification Document
SCO-095 - Voucher Signature Authorization
SCO-095A - Voucher Signature Revocation - Designee
SCO-095B - Voucher Signature Revocation - Agency Head
SCO-095C - Voucher Approval Authorization - SAMS ADV4
SCO-102 - Receipt Transfer Request
SCO-345 – Authorization to Pick Up Salary Warrants
SCO-415 - Expenditure Transfer Request
SCO-470 - Contract Signature Authorization
SCO-470A - Contract Signature Revocation - Designee
SCO-470B - Contract Signature Revocation - Agency Head
SCO-471 - CPO Signature Authorization
SCO-471A - CPO Signature Revocation Form - Designee
SCO-471B - CPO Signature Revocation
SCO-961 – Debt Transparency Act Report
SCO-961A – Debt Transparency Act Report – Timely Pay
SCO-961B – Debt Transparency Act Report – Universities
SCO-980 - File Only Agreements Report
SCO-988 - Late Execution Waiver Request
SCO-989 - Late Filing Affidavit