Benefits of Payroll Deduction

10 reasons to make SECA your charitable giving headquarters by using payroll deduction.

1.  It's so easy!
Think about it once, choose an amount that's comfortable, and feel good all year.

2.  It's impactful.
Donors can make a real difference by having small amounts deducted from each paycheck. Raise so much more without even feeling a pinch.

3.  It puts donors in the driver's seat.
Contributions can be directed to one or more of the local, statewide, and national charities that participate in the SECA program.

4.  It keeps costs down.
SECA helps minimize costs to charities while maximizing contributions.

5.  There's strength in numbers.
State and university employees can maximize and amplify their contributions through organized giving.

6.  Flexibility is baked in.
Donors can start and stop their deductions at any time.

7.  Bring people together.
SECA is a great employee morale booster. Organized giving creates goodwill among employees and sets a positive tone in the workplace.

8.  Pitching in feels great.
Charitable giving helps organizations solve problems. Rest easy knowing your donations are making a real difference in the community.

9.  Save time.
You're busy. By harnessing the power and reach of the SECA program, donors can take care of all their charitable giving for the year with one simple form.

10. It's tax deductible.
Give now, save at tax time.