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SECA Agency Ambassadors

Feel free to contact your Ambassador with questions or suggestions.

Agency/University First Name Last Name E-Mail Address
Aging Purnell Borders Purnell.Bordersiii@illinois.gov
Agriculture Angie Fletcher Angie.Fletcher@illinois.gov
Appellate Defender, Office of Sharmaine Sampson sharmaine.sampson@osad.state.il.us
Appellate Prosecutor, Office of Jessica Mitchell Jmitchell@ilsaap.org
Arts Council Romie Munoz Romie.munoz@illinois.gov
Attorney General, Office of the Blanca Antunes bantunes@atg.state.il.us
Auditor General Rose Tucker rtucker@auditor.illinois.gov
Capital Development Board Bernadette  Gordon bernadette.gordon2@illinois.gov
Central Management Services Rewa Boldrey Rewa.A.Boldrey@Illinois.gov
Central Management Services Steve Booth steven.booth@Illinois.gov
Central Management Services Tajuana Burnett tajuana.burnett@Illinois.gov
Central Management Services Carolyn Fields Carolyn.Fields@Illinois.gov
Children and Family Services      
Civil Service Commission Alexandra Myers alexandra.m.myers@illinois.gov
Commerce Commission      
Commerce and Economic Opportunity Roukaya Nawoor roukaya.nawoor@illinois.gov
Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability Jennifer Hebel jennifer@ilga.gov
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Kim Thomas Kim.Thomas@illinois.gov
Comptroller, Office of the Shelly Case shelly.case@illinoiscomptroller.gov
Corrections Dara Matson dara.matson@illinois.gov
Courts of Illinois, Administrative Office Alaina Heitz aheitz@illinoiscourts.gov
Criminal Justice Information Authority Suzette Kurita suzette.a.kurita@illinois.gov
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission Patty Greene Patty.Greene@illinois.gov
Developmental Disabilities, IL Council on Theresa Casson Theresa.Casson@illinois.gov
Education, State Board of Michael Sullivan msulliva@isbe.net
Educational Labor Relations Board Meredith Dean meredith.dean@illinois.gov
Elections, Board of Danielle Martinez dmartinez@elections.il.gov
Emergency Management Agency Nancy Buck Nancy.M.Buck@Illinois.gov
Employment Security, Department of Jatasha Johnson Jatasha.Johnson@illinois.gov
Employment Security, Department of Tiara Jones Tiara.Jones@illinois.gov
Employment Security, Department of Gina Tomlinson gina.tomlinson@illinois.gov
Environmental Protection Agency Bridget Drea bridget.drea@illinois.gov
Executive Ethics Commission Denysha Crawford denysha.crawford2@illinois.gov
Executive Inspector General      
Financial and Professional Regulation Tyler Hanners tyler.hanners@illinois.gov
Gaming Board Alicia Passfield alicia.passfield@igb.illinois.gov
Governor, Office of the Shawn McClairn Shawn.McClairn@illinois.gov
Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Melanie Brambila melanie.brambila2@Illinois.gov
Healthcare and Family Services Susan Caimi susan.caimi@illinois.gov
Higher Education, Board of Emily Chase chase@ibhe.org
Housing Development Authority Samarra Exum sexum@ihda.org
Human Rights Commission Jose Galvez jose.galvez@illinois.gov
Human Rights Department Rene Burton Rene.burton@illinois.gov
Human Services Sharron Matthews sharron.matthews@illinois.gov
Illinois House Clerk's Office Michael Gustin michaelg@ilga.gov
Illinois House Republicans Melissa Thomas MThomas@hrs.ilga.gov
Illinois River Correctional Center Jessica Piper Jessica.Piper@Illinois.gov
Illinois Senate Democrats Ashley Jenkins ajenkins@senatedem.ilga.gov
Illinois Senate Republicans LeAnne Bucci lbucci@sgop.ilga.gov
Innovation & Technology, Dept. of Vickey Longstaff Vickey.Longstaff@illinois.gov
Insurance, Department of Beth Sill elizabeth.sill@illinois.gov
Investment, State Board of Maryann Hong mhong@isbinvestment.com
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules Peyton Bernot peytonb@ilga.gov
Judicial Inquiry Board Sharmayne Adams sharmayne.adams@Illinois.gov
Juvenile Justice Bryan Questelle Bryan.D.Questelle@illinois.gov
Juvenile Justice Eric Childs Eric.Childs@illinois.gov
Labor Relations Board, Illinois      
Labor, Department of      
Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board      
Legislative Audit Commission Brenda Rabideau Brendar@ilga.gov
Legislative Information System Dena Cheek denac@ilga.gov
Legislative Information System Leslie Bennet leslieb@ilga.gov
Legislative Printing Unit      
Legislative Reference Bureau DNP    
Lt. Governor Tanner Beck tanner.beck@illinois.gov
Management and Budget Jessica Guinn Jessica.Guinn@illinois.gov
Math and Science Academy      
Military Affairs Deb Singer debra.a.singer2@nfg@mail.mil
Natural Resources Michelle Silver Michelle.silver@illinois.gov
Pollution Control Board Lynn Hedges Lynn.hedges@illinois.gov
Prisoner Review Board Valorie Ford Valorie.ford@illinois.gov
Procurement Policy Board Deanna Rosetto Deanna.Rossetto@Illinois.gov
Property Tax Appeal Board      
Public Health Meredith Caudill Meredith.Caudill@illinois.gov
Racing Board Donald Marquez donald.marquez@illinois.gov
Revenue Paula Bell Paula.Bell@Illinois.gov
School for the Visually Impaired, Illinois Deborah Morris deborah.e.morris@illinois.gov
Secretary of State Tammy Even teven@ilsos.gov
State Fire Marshal Laura Pemberton laura.b.pemberton@illinois.gov
State Police Merit Board      
State Police, Illinois Kim Donahue kim.donahue@illinois.gov
State Retirement Systems Jessica Blood Jessica.blood@srs.illinois.gov
State Treasurer, Office of the Kathleen Love klove@illinoistreasurer.gov
State Universities Civil Service System Gail Hankins gailhankins@sucss.illinois.gov
State Universities Retirement System Nicki Dowling ndowling@surs.org
Student Assistance Commission, Illinois      
Teachers’ Retirement System      
Toll Highway Authority Luke Dussman ldussman@getipass.com
Transportation Emily Haas emily.haasis@illinois.gov
Veterans’ Affairs Mary Albert mary.albert@illinois.gov
Workers’ Compensation Commission Rich Betczynski richard.betczynski@illinois.gov
Illinois School for the Deaf Kelly Harness kelly.harness@illinois.gov
Illinois School for the Deaf Angela Leavell angela.Leavell@illinois.gov
University of Illinois – Chicago      
University of Illinois – Springfield Erica Michael Emich1@uis.edu
University, Chicago State DNP    
University, Eastern Illinois Ken Wetstein kawetstein@eiu.edu
University, Governors State      
University, Illinois State Laura Gossett lmgosse@ilstu.edu
University, Northeastern Illinois Abby Murray a-murray3@neiu.edu
University, Northern Illinois Miriah Ranken mranken@niu.edu
University, Southern Illinois – Carbondale Sandy Schenk sandys@siu.edu
University, Southern Illinois – Edwardsville Summer Murphy summurp@siue.edu
University, Southern Illinois School of Medicine Amy Evans benefits@siumed.edu
University, Southern Illinois School of Medicine Vicky Beeler vbeeler81@siumed.edu
University, Western Illinois Tammy Irwin tl-irwin@wiu.edu