SECA Agency Ambassadors

Feel free to contact your Ambassador with questions or suggestions.

Agency/University First Name Last Name E-Mail Address
Aging Purnell Borders
Agriculture Angie Fletcher
Appellate Defender, Office of Sharmaine Sampson
Appellate Prosecutor, Office of Jessica Mitchell
Arts Council Romie Munoz
Attorney General, Office of the Blanca Antunes
Auditor General Rose Tucker
Capital Development Board Bernadette  Gordon
Central Management Services Rewa Boldrey
Central Management Services Steve Booth
Central Management Services Tajuana Burnett
Central Management Services Carolyn Fields
Children and Family Services      
Civil Service Commission Alexandra Myers
Commerce Commission      
Commerce and Economic Opportunity Roukaya Nawoor
Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability Jennifer Hebel
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Kim Thomas
Comptroller, Office of the Shelly Case
Corrections Dara Matson
Courts of Illinois, Administrative Office Alaina Heitz
Criminal Justice Information Authority Suzette Kurita
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission Patty Greene
Developmental Disabilities, IL Council on Theresa Casson
Education, State Board of Michael Sullivan
Educational Labor Relations Board Meredith Dean
Elections, Board of Danielle Martinez
Emergency Management Agency Nancy Buck
Employment Security, Department of Jatasha Johnson
Employment Security, Department of Tiara Jones
Employment Security, Department of Gina Tomlinson
Environmental Protection Agency Bridget Drea
Executive Ethics Commission Denysha Crawford
Executive Inspector General      
Financial and Professional Regulation Tyler Hanners
Gaming Board Alicia Passfield
Governor, Office of the Shawn McClairn
Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Melanie Brambila
Healthcare and Family Services Susan Caimi
Higher Education, Board of Emily Chase
Housing Development Authority Samarra Exum
Human Rights Commission Jose Galvez
Human Rights Department Rene Burton
Human Services Sharron Matthews
Illinois House Clerk's Office Michael Gustin
Illinois House Republicans Melissa Thomas
Illinois River Correctional Center Jessica Piper
Illinois Senate Democrats Ashley Jenkins
Illinois Senate Republicans LeAnne Bucci
Innovation & Technology, Dept. of Vickey Longstaff
Insurance, Department of Beth Sill
Investment, State Board of Maryann Hong
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules Peyton Bernot
Judicial Inquiry Board Sharmayne Adams
Juvenile Justice Bryan Questelle
Juvenile Justice Eric Childs
Labor Relations Board, Illinois      
Labor, Department of      
Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board      
Legislative Audit Commission Brenda Rabideau
Legislative Information System Dena Cheek
Legislative Information System Leslie Bennet
Legislative Printing Unit      
Legislative Reference Bureau DNP    
Lt. Governor Tanner Beck
Management and Budget Jessica Guinn
Math and Science Academy      
Military Affairs Deb Singer
Natural Resources Michelle Silver
Pollution Control Board Lynn Hedges
Prisoner Review Board Valorie Ford
Procurement Policy Board Deanna Rosetto
Property Tax Appeal Board      
Public Health Meredith Caudill
Racing Board Donald Marquez
Revenue Paula Bell
School for the Visually Impaired, Illinois Deborah Morris
Secretary of State Tammy Even
State Fire Marshal Laura Pemberton
State Police Merit Board      
State Police, Illinois Kim Donahue
State Retirement Systems Jessica Blood
State Treasurer, Office of the Kathleen Love
State Universities Civil Service System Gail Hankins
State Universities Retirement System Nicki Dowling
Student Assistance Commission, Illinois      
Teachers’ Retirement System      
Toll Highway Authority Luke Dussman
Transportation Emily Haas
Veterans’ Affairs Mary Albert
Workers’ Compensation Commission Rich Betczynski
Illinois School for the Deaf Kelly Harness
Illinois School for the Deaf Angela Leavell
University of Illinois – Chicago      
University of Illinois – Springfield Erica Michael
University, Chicago State DNP    
University, Eastern Illinois Ken Wetstein
University, Governors State      
University, Illinois State Laura Gossett
University, Northeastern Illinois Abby Murray
University, Northern Illinois Miriah Ranken
University, Southern Illinois – Carbondale Sandy Schenk
University, Southern Illinois – Edwardsville Summer Murphy
University, Southern Illinois School of Medicine Amy Evans
University, Southern Illinois School of Medicine Vicky Beeler
University, Western Illinois Tammy Irwin