Leadership in Giving


Participation in the State and University Employees Combined Appeal is important. Any donation is greatly appreciated and helps make a difference. Support of the SECA campaign demonstrates a willingness to help a single need or many needs within the community. Thank you for your donation and understanding the impact and significance of a personal commitment through SECA.


The 12 "Charitable Federations" collectively represent nearly 1,500 charities from which to choose from when making your donation. 

Special Incentive Awards

Special Incentive Awards

SECA Participants will have an opportunity to win amazing incentive gifts depending on your donor level placement. Randomly selected participants at each donor level will be given an opportunity to pick among many incentive gifts such as: sporting event tickets, theater & entertainment tickets, exclusive restaurant coupons, sports memorabilia, and much more. The award process will begin by allowing the a certain number of winners in the Diamond level to have the first opportunity to select an incentive gift of their choice. Thereafter, winning participants in the next donor level, Gold, Silver, and Bronze will have their choice accordingly until all the gifts are awarded. So, donate as much as you can to these charitable causes so you can increase your chances of picking early. Please check back to this webpage to view more specifics on the descriptions of these incentive gifts.

Donor Tier Levels

Diamond ($2,500+)
Gold ($1,000 - $2,499)
Silver ($500 - $999)
Bronze ($250 - $499)

All Diamond Donors (gifts of $2,500 or more) will receive: