Becoming a SECA Charity

How a charity can join SECA:

SECA Organization Qualification

Under the Illinois Voluntary Deductions Act, the Illinois Comptroller is vested with the duty to qualify petitioning organizations under SECA (State and University Employees Combined Appeal). A petitioning organization can become qualified under SECA in one of two ways: 1) an organization can qualify as a stand-alone organization. In this scenario, the organization will have to go through the SECA qualification process pursuant to 5 ILCS 340 et al. This process entails obtaining 500 designations from state employees or annuitants within one year; 2) the organization can become qualified under an umbrella organization (an organization that is already qualified). In this scenario, the already qualified organization will have further information. For additional information on qualifying as a stand-alone organization under SECA you may access the Voluntary Payroll Deductions Act.