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The Upload TIF Reports application is currently accepting fiscal year (FY) 2023 reports, and earlier.

The FY 2022 Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and Economic Development Area (EDA) forms and instructions are now available for download. Additional resources for filing FY 2000 through current reports may also be found below. Please note that the fiscal year identified on the TIF and EDA form MUST correspond to the fiscal year of the report being filed. A report submitted on a form identifying the incorrect fiscal year will be returned and rejected to the governmental unit for corrective action. For previous years' TIF and EDA reports (FY 2000 - FY 2022), forms may be found at the following link: Archived TIF and EDA Forms.

The FY 2023 TIF form and instructions may be downloaded here: The FY 2023 EDA form and instructions may be downloaded here:
Downloadable FY 2023 TIF Form Downloadable FY 2023 EDA Form
FY 2023 TIF form instructions FY 2023 EDA form instructions

Per Illinois Compiled statute (65 ILCS 5/8-8-3.5), reports must be submitted electronically. Mailed and emailed reports will not be accepted.

Instructions for uploading the FY 2023 TIF and EDA reports can be found here:
FY 2023 TIF/EDA Report Upload Instructions

There are nearly 1,500 TIF Districts from more than 500 municipalities in the State of Illinois.
Click here for a list of municipalities with TIF Districts:
Municipalities With TIF Districts

Submitted TIF and EDA Reports are found on The Warehouse, and by clicking here:
View Submitted TIF and EDA Reports

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