Enhanced Vendor Registration

This form should be completed by the State vendor seeking access to the secure enhanced vendor remittance site on the IOC's website, https://illinoiscomptroller.gov/. You should only use this form if you are the Vendor's Coordinator and there has NOT been a Coordinator assigned already to your Vendor. If there has been a Coordinator assigned to your Vendor, please contact him/her for access to the Enhanced Vendor application. You must enter your Identification Number, Last 5 digits of your Vendor's Bank Routing Number, Last 4 digits of your Vendor's Bank Account Number twice. All information is required to register for the Enhanced Vendor Application. Once you have been validated, you will receive an Email requiring you to click on an embedded hyperlink to validate your Email address that you register with. After your Email has been validated, you will be directed to a screen that will allow you to create your own personal password. These two items will be required to be able to log into the Enhanced Vendor application.

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For security reasons, we must verify the vendor's banking information. Please provide current financial institution information to verify your current ACH account. Feel comfortable that even though you are supplying us with this information, we take precautions to secure your information. The information that you provide to us is saved in an encrypted format.

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