Fiscal Focus

Heading into the homestretch of session, policymakers are debating the budget including the scheduled rollback of the temporary tax increase in 2015. Check out the latest edition of Comptroller Topinka's Fiscal Focus: Dangers Ahead published in May 2014.  This issue includes articles related to state revenues and spending in light of the scheduled roll back of the temporary tax increase in 2015.

Fiscal Focus is one of the ways the Comptroller's Office strives to assist taxpayers and the people of Illinois. This report is designed to provide fiscal information of general interest.

Editorial Staff: Alexis Sturm, Sara Wojcicki Jimenez, Sarah Barlow and Brad Hahn. Writers and Analysts: Alexis Sturm, Sarah Barlow, Bill Dracos, Stephanie Blair, Javier Cazares, Barton Lorimor, and Aimee Ayers Mansfield. Production: Shelly Case, Susan Hansen, Frank Weitzel, Larry Olson, and Mark Lewis.