New digitized and user-friendly Public Accountability Report will save thousands in taxpayer dollars over time, while making performance and funding information on state programs easily accessible to taxpayers, policymakers, researchers and press


March 25, 2019

SPRINGFIELD — Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza on Monday unveiled a new user-friendly web transparency tool allowing taxpayers and policymakers to track the annual progress and performance of hundreds of state programs, while also saving taxpayer dollars.

The Public Accountability Report details the revenues, spending and program goals provided by nearly 80 state agencies. The new digitized report allows users to search and view financial data by agencies or program area and compare performance metrics and funding allocation year to year. Users can find the answers to questions such as: How much does the state spend on education? On hazardous waste cleanup? On women’s health?

Users can also see how much funding was allocated to specific state agencies and if agencies met their goals and objectives. A tutorial video on the Office of the Comptroller’s website shows how to use the interactive features.

The Office of the Comptroller has painstakingly compiled the Public Accountability Report from information reported by state agencies since 1999. Staff devoted months to reviewing and formatting the 300-page report, which was then printed and distributed to state agencies, legislators and others and posted on the Comptroller’s website.

At one time, the Office of the Comptroller spent thousands of dollars every year to publish and distribute the report. While those costs have been significantly cut over the years, the digital report will completely eliminate future printing and mailing expenses while more effectively allocating office resources needed to compile, review and maintain state agency data electronically. 

“This is just one of many ways my office brings financial data to the fingertips of those who need it,” Comptroller Mendoza said. “Transparency brings accountability. The new digitized Public Accountability Report feature on our website will allow taxpayers, policymakers, researchers and the press to take a critical look at state programs and determine if taxpayer dollars are being used effectively.”

Digitizing the Public Accountability Report is part of Comptroller Mendoza’s “Transparency Revolution,” which includes the Debt Transparency Act that provided sunshine to unpaid bills held by state agencies, and her other reforms that required transparency on offshored Governor’s staff, the state’s Vendor Payment Program and the state’s obligations to pay late payment interest penalties.


Watch Public Accountability Report Video Tutorial HERE




About the Public Accountability Report: The Public Accountability Report is designed to link the information from traditional financial reports of Illinois government to the performance of state programs. The reporting used in the Public Accountability Report reviews financial and other resources allocated to programs and how those resources have been used to accomplish the program’s goals and objectives, providing information to state government officials and the public in a results-oriented manner.


Visit Public Accountability Reports on Comptroller’s Office website HERE.