Vendor Payment Program: Financial Backer Disclosure Reports

Qualified purchasers, which are entities approved by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to participate in the Vendor Payment Program, are required to submit annual financial backer disclosures to the Office of the Comptroller with information about financial backers and others interested in the entity, such as percent ownership and names of shareholders, so taxpayers can see who has a financial interest in each qualified purchaser. Trusts associated with each qualified purchaser must also disclose earnings and other information.

For more information on the Lender Transparency Act, click here and here. To view qualified purchasers' Monthly Reports, click here.



Go-Vendor Receivables, LLC

IFP Funding Trust

IFP Funding Trust II

Illinois Financing Partners, LLC

Illinois Prompt Pay Network, LLC

Illinois Receivables Financing Trust Series 2018-1

Illinois Receivables Trust

Illinois Receivables Trust II

IRT Funding Trust

Occum Opportunity Partners, LLC

PayPlant, LLC

VAP Funding Master Note Trust

VAP Funding Master Trust II

Vendor Assistance Fund, LP

Vendor Assistance Program, LLC

Vendor Capital Finance, LLC

Vendor Premium Payment Assistance, LLC

Vendor Support, LLC

Vendor Support II, LLC

VPPA IL, LLC (PayPlant)

VPPA IL, LLC (Vendor Premium Payment Assistance)

White Oak Bridge, LLC