Peoples Animal Welfare Society of Tinley Park (PAWS of Tinley Park)

Contact Information for Peoples Animal Welfare Society of Tinley Park (PAWS of Tinley Park)

8301 W. 191st Street
Tinley Park, IL 60487

Adoptable Critters


Meet Caruso, the cutest 1 year old boy with a permanent puppy face! Caruso is a good boy who loves to play and act like the baby face he is! He would love to find an active family where he can romp around and live his best life! This dreamy eyed boy can be your baby forever!


Meet Hardy! She is 2.5 years old and was given up to the shelter seven months ago. She isn’t handling being in a cage super well and so she isn’t showing well. She wants to seek affection, but she’s guarded - you have to earn her trust, and when you do, she’ll reward you with purrs and head butts.

She loves cuddling with her moose toy and can’t wait to have a human to share cuddles with too! Hardy would prefer to be your one and only princess but may be okay with another low-key cat after a proper introduction. Please consider giving this sweet girl a forever home!


Neil is a sweet and snugly little Poodle mix, looking for a loving home understanding his needs. Neil was diagnosed with epilepsy, but has responded well to his medication and hasn’t had a seizure since he started taking them. He’s quiet, calm, and just a lovely little dog who gets along with other dogs and people.


Nelly was found in a local town as a stray cat. This girl is so sweet, she must have been somebodies’ pet once, but nobody came to claim her. Nelly had an awful tail injury that left her entire tail exposed from being degloved. We couldn’t save her tail and it was amputated. While nothing was able to save her tail, she now models her cute little nub for everyone to see while she waits for a home!


Lalalallaala ahem- this fellow here is Pavarotti! He’s been practicing his vocals for the opera by singing a tune to anyone who will listen to him! He loves attention and is eager to get out of his cage! He’s 1 year old and loves to play and show off his dapper attire. Whether you are looking for a singer in your band, or a friend to share your day with, Pavarotti is your man!


This stunning girl is Smazy! She’s an almost 2-year-old Mastiff mix, looking for a big dog loving home! Smazy is truly stunning to look at, her silver fur just glistens in the sun! But this girl is not just all good looks, she has a wonderful personality! She is just a young playful girl, looking for an active home to keep up with her! Smazy doesn’t know her own size sometimes, so she’s not ideal with small kiddos. If you’re looking for a big, beautiful best friend- here she is!


Meet Vivian, a beautiful and unique 2-year-old orange haired amber eyed lady! Vivian was found way up high in a tall tree, and luckily, she was rescued before she was hurt. Miss Vivian decided the lumberjack life is not her shtick and is happily waiting for a new life as a pampered indoor cat. She likes to be queen b around the shelter. She’s patiently waiting for you!