Circuit Clerk

Per Illinois Compiled Statute The Clerks of Courts Act - 705 ILCS 105/27.8(d), an audit is to be completed 6 months after the county's fiscal year end (unless an extension has been granted), and is due to the Illinois Office of Comptroller one month after completion. Effective 7-1-2019, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is no longer required to file reports for the following funds with the Illinois Office of Comptroller:

Drivers Education Fund, Violent Crime Victims Assistance Fund, Domestic Violence Shelter and Service Fund, Domestic Violence Abuser Services Fund, and Sex Offender Investigation Fund.

The portal to submit the above listed funds reports will still be operational, and local entities may elect to file these reports at their own discretion. The report provided below is a compilation of those figures as reported by the Circuit Clerks.

Fiscal Year