Comptroller Susana Mendoza responds to actions taken by Attorney General Lisa Madigan



SPRINGFIELD – In response to the actions taken today by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Illinois Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza issued the following statement:

“Had Governor Rauner met his constitutional duty to propose a balanced budget in 2015 or 2016, we would not be facing a scenario where the livelihoods of our frontline employees could be threatened in this way.”

“Due to Governor Rauner’s abdication of his constitutional executive duties, our state finances continue to be managed almost wholly by court orders and judge edicts. It’s shameful that under his administration, the fifth largest state in the country is forced to operate like a bankrupt business.”

“We do not welcome the prospect of state employees going unpaid. I, like my fellow constitutional officers and state lawmakers, have been going without a paycheck. The last thing I want is for state employees to join me. I can tell you first-hand how hard I see my employees work. They do not deserve to be used as pawns in a manufactured budget impasse.”

“That said, I will abide by all court rulings as Attorney General Madigan pursues this court action.”

The court has been asked to delay any potential stoppage of paychecks so the Governor’s Office can prepare a balanced budget and submit it to the General Assembly.

The Office of the Comptroller is currently moving forward with contingency plans to meet the technical adjustments that a payroll stoppage would require. For example, employees in certain categories would receive partial payments and their paychecks and deductions would have to be adjusted accordingly.

Despite the possibility of a payroll stoppage over the last 18 months, the previous administration did not put in place policies to deal with this scenario.




You can view the PDF version of this release here.