Check for Cash

Every year, thousands of state checks payable to taxpayers go uncashed. This application allows taxpayers to learn whether they can claim an uncashed check worth more than $5, issued within the last ten years. If an uncashed check (also called an escheated warrant) is located, the check replacement process can also be started here. The Comptroller currently has records of more than 100,000 uncashed checks worth over $30 million.



Only the person legally entitled to the original warrant, or their heirs or legal representatives, or a third party to whom it was properly negotiated or the heirs or legal representatives of such party, may request a replacement warrant. In the case of a warrant issued to a payee who dies before the warrant is paid by the State Treasurer and whose estate has been probated pursuant to law, the Comptroller, upon receipt of a certified copy of a judicial order establishing the person or entity entitled to payment, may issue a replacement warrant to such person or entity.

State law prohibits the replacement of a warrant outstanding for more than ten years beyond its issue date (15 ILCS 405/10.10(a)).

Each replacement warrant is subject to the involuntary withholding provisions established at 15 ILCS 405/10.05.