Comptroller unveils financial database enhancements

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka on Wednesday announced that she has added payment totals for state vendors and listings and compensation for all state Officers and Board and Commission members as part of the latest enhancements to her office’s transparency website, The Ledger.

Launched in April, The Ledger set a new standard for state transparency by allowing taxpayers to click their way through everything from the state’s daily receipts and bill backlog numbers to state agency budgets and expenses. In announcing the initiative, Topinka vowed to add to the site over time and provide even more information for public inspection. The Ledger can be found at

“We launched the most comprehensive, up-to-date online financial database that Illinois has seen – but we were not satisfied with stopping there,” she said. “In meetings with constituents and media, I asked for suggestions on what else they would like to see, and these changes reflect those discussions.”

Specifically, Topinka said that The Ledger now includes:

  • Payment totals for state vendors
  • State officers and their compensation
  • State boards and commissions, members and compensation
  • Links to lobbyist information filed with the Illinois Secretary of State
  • Links to General Assembly members and information

“This is another step in our on-going effort to provide information and restore the fiscal integrity of our state,” Topinka said. “And let me assure taxpayers that we’re not finished yet, so stay tuned.”