CROSSVILLE, Ill. – Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza met with residents of downstate Crossville, population 800, two months after a savage tornado tore through the town.



The tornado destroyed 11 homes and damaged another 17 structures in the small town near the Indiana border. The tornado claimed the life of Tom McCord, 71. Comptroller’s office set up a GoFundMe page to raise $1,000 for each of the 11 families that lost their homes. The page raised more than $11,000. A high school resident of Crossville sold T-Shirts making a total of $2,500 for the victims. A total of $51,000 was raised and a committee of town residents will meet Friday to decide how to distribute the money.



Residents thanked Comptroller Mendoza for her help Thursday and showed her what remained of their homes and their efforts to rebuild. Mayor Henry Feldman and Emergency Management Agency Director Jim Totten joined Mendoza for the tour.


In the wake of the Feb. 28 tornadoes, Mendoza was able to accelerate hundreds of thousands of dollars in past-due Local Government Distributive Funds to all the towns hit, including Crossville, Ottawa and Naplate.


Asked why she chose Crossville for her fundraising efforts, Mendoza said to residents assembled at the Crossville Town Hall Thursday, “So that you know we care about you. My office was able to help speed payments to a nursing home in Ottawa that was damaged by another tornado. Ottawa is closer to Chicago. It got a lot of attention after the tornadoes. We thought we did not want Crossville to get left out.”






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