Asylum Seekers Transparency Portal

Asylum Seekers – State Expenditure Transparency Portal

This expenditure transparency portal is designed to track payments of state support for asylum seekers. As of November 1, 2023, state agencies are required to provide this information to our office. While the intent is to track grants and operational expenses specifically related to asylum seekers paid by the Illinois Office of Comptroller (IOC), there may be other funding for immigration type services, such as for medical assistance, rental assistance, or other benefits paid by the state or local agencies that may not be identified in this listing which should not be considered exhaustive. Please contact the appropriate state agency or local government for this information.

Here is the most recent Governor’s proclamation on Aug 13, 2023. The portal does not include the bulk of the $478 million Governor Pritzker announced in his budget address that has already been spent or appropriated towards asylum-seekers. Click here for the listing of this $478 million.