How much money has the state collected from levies of gaming in Illinois since July 1?

Type Current FY Amount Previous FY
Riverboat Gaming $118,717,756.93 $176,779,040.52
Video Gaming Tax $294,163,918.20 $585,096,325.48
State Lottery $446,154,490.44 $1,483,837,531.36

About Riverboat Gaming

Illinois has 10 riverboats which generate revenue from wagering taxes, license fees and part of the admissions tax. These revenues are deposited into the State Gaming Fund. The State Gaming Fund supports the operations of the Gaming Board and makes transfers into the General Funds for education spending.

The Gaming Board tracks each boat's profits and how much of them are disbursed to the state and local governments. The Board's monthly reports can be found on its website.

Licenses and Fees

This query shows the amount from riverboat licensing fees deposited into the General Revenue Fund and State Gaming Fund


About Video Gaming Tax

The State collects license fees and video gaming taxes from video gaming terminals at locations throughout the state. A portion of the tax is returned to local governments where the tax was collected. The remainder is deposited into the Capital Projects Fund to cover costs related to the state's 2009 capital plan.

Licenses and Fees

View licenses and fees deposited into the State Gaming Fund, which includes video gaming fee revenues (identified by a VGA identifier at the beginning of the revenue source name).


About State Lottery

These totals include monies which will be paid out to winners and will cover administrative costs of the Department of Lottery. A portion of the amount deposited into the State Lottery Fund will be transferred to the General Funds for education spending and a portion will be transferred to the Capital Projects Fund for costs related to the state's 2009 capital plan.



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