How much does the state spend on health care for low income and disabled individuals in our state?

Medicaid $4,817,048,126.17

About Medicaid Spending

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) is the lead state agency for funding the Medicaid program in Illinois, which funds health care for lower income individuals.

The chart above shows how much is appropriated to DHFS from various funds in the State Treasury to fund the agency's operations and grants for Fiscal Year 2015.

The primary funds supporting the Medicaid program are:

  • General Revenue Fund (#001)
  • Healthcare Provider Relief Fund (#793)
  • Long Term Care Fund (#345)
  • Drug Rebate Fund (#728)
  • Tobacco Settlement Recovery Fund (#733)
  • Special Education Medicaid Matching Fund (#355)

Since the start of fiscal year 2016, Illinois' Medicaid program has drawn spending authority from consent decrees. These decrees do not cap spending, but in some cases call for the state to fund the program at at least fiscal year 2015 levels.



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