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A. List all funds and how much was spent in FY 2019 for each fund. Also, indicate the Fund Type (Fund Types are at the top of each column beginning on page F1).   If any fund names appear below, that data is based on forms submitted last year.   Please make all necessary corrections.  If you have more fund names than the rows provided below, please indicate them on an attachment.
Fund NameExpenditureFund TypeFY End
Bloomington Arena $3,938,391Enterprise04/30
Board of Elections $400,772Special Revenue04/30
Capital Improvements $6,791,968Capital Projects04/30
Capital Lease $2,388,878Capital Projects04/30
Casualty Insurance $3,834,801Internal Service04/30
Community Development $647,485Special Revenue04/30
Debt Service $13,981,213Debt Service04/30
Downtown East Washington TIF $25,630Special Revenue04/30
Downtown-Southwest TIF $22,264Special Revenue04/30
Drug Enforcement $152,719Special Revenue04/30
Empire Street TIF $251,414Special Revenue04/30
Employee Group Health Care $11,025,287Internal Service04/30
Firemen's Pension $5,677,436Fiduciary04/30
Foreign Fire Insurance Board $125,954Special Revenue04/30
General $91,242,955General04/30
Golf Operations $2,266,462Enterprise04/30
IHDA Grant Fund $87,501Special Revenue04/30
J.M. Scott Health Care Trust $349,662Fiduciary04/30
Library $5,292,608Special Revenue04/30
Motor Fuel Tax $1,107,662Special Revenue04/30
Park Dedication $189,850Special Revenue04/30
Parking $317,492Enterprise04/30
Police Pension $6,499,345Fiduciary04/30
Retiree Group Health Care $1,385,891Internal Service04/30
Sewer $7,054,854Enterprise04/30
Solid Waste $6,628,501Enterprise04/30
Stormwater Management $1,828,894Enterprise04/30
Water $14,875,735Enterprise04/30
Total Expenditures $188,391,624  

B. Does Bloomington City have assets or liabilities that should be recorded as a part of Account Groups? See Chart of Accounts and Definitions and the How to Fill Out An AFR documents for more information about Account Groups.

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Fund Listing and Account Groups
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