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Bloomington City Capital Outlay 
  These are not funds 
Code Function Construction Land, Structures, and Equipment 
601t General Government    418,840 566,379 
602t Law Enforcement    45,780 336,118 
603t Corrections   
604t Fire    1,113,217 170,740 
605t Sewerage    34,642 245,052 
606t Sanitation and Wastewater    718,898 
607t Parks and Recreation    869,653 58,438 
608t Housing and Community Development    5,500 
609t Highways, Roads and Bridges    571,133 153,027 
610t Parking Facilities    199,388 
611t Welfare   
612t Hospital   
613t Water    2,795,730 574,026 
614t Nursing Homes   
615t Conservation and Natural Resources   
616t Libraries    153,490 
617t Other    985,189 916,830 
*This page should only be filled out if you have spent funds for capital projects or development 
*The Capital Outlay page is requested by the U.S. Census Bureau and is considered optional by the State Comptroller. 
*If you complete this page you WILL NOT have to complete the Survey of Government Finances from the U.S. Census Bureau. 
*If you do NOT complete this page the U.S. Census Bureau will contact you for further information. 

Capital Outlay
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