IBM DB2 v10 Installation Instructions


(External Users using IBM DB2 v 10)

Direct Access Installation Instructions


  1. Ensure that the User's Network ID has Local Administrator access.
  2. TCP port 446 MUST be open on your firewall between your computer and our server, ( To verify that port 446 is open you can open a command prompt and type telnet 446, if the port is open you will receive a blank telnet box, if it is closed you will receive the following error "Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 446: Connect failed."
  3. Your PC must be on the CMS XTRA net and using a 10. IP address.  If you are NOT on the CMS XTRA net and NOT using a 10. IP address please contact 217-524-5876 with your static IP address.
  4. Close any applications that you currently have open.
  5. If the current DB2 Client installed is only accessing the IOC Warehouse, it must be uninstalled.

If the current DB2 Client is accessing multiple DB2 environments, Please call 217-524-5876


  1. Right click on the DB2V10 32 bit link for 32 bit operating systems or DB2V10 64 bit link for 64 bit operating systems.
  2. Then choose  "Save As." Save file to where you can find it again.
  3. Find the file and Double Click on the file and unzip the folder to your local C: drive. You may also close your browser by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Click on Start/Run and type C:\DB2V10\DB2CFG.cmd and click "OK".

Image for step 9

  1. Press any key to continue when prompted.

Image for step 10

  1.  Type in the correct Drive letter and press Enter

Image for step 11

  1. Receive the following screen

Image for step 12

  1. (***Your screen will appear to be doing nothing, be patient it make take several minutes. When Completed it will flash 2 lines copied and the command window will close***).


To Test Connectivity


  1. Open Microsoft Access
    1. Current user of SAMS Informational Warehouse
      1. Open previously save database
      2. Double click a view or query
        1. Enter Id & Password, Click OK
        2. Receive results – Successful Connection
    2. New users
      1. Click Blank Database
      2. Click External Data
      3. Double click ODBC Database
      4. Click the Radio button for Link to the data source, on the Get External Data – ODBC Database window then click OK
      5. Click Machine Data Source tab on the Select Data Source window
      6. Click DB2PRD, Click OK on the Select Data Source window
      7. Enter Id & password, click OK on the Connect to DB2 Database window
      8. Receive Link Tables window – Successful Connection
      9. Click on needed views (do not use XX.T_xxxx)

Save Database