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Sara Lee

This 6-year-old Shepherd mix is a sweet, smart, cuddly dog who loves to learn new tricks, go for long walks, and look for squirrels outside. In addition to showing you all of her tricks like "paw", "touch", and "down", she will happily listen to your bread puns as long as you give her all the pets she wants. In fact, she might just nudge your hand to remind you that you aren't petting her. Sara Lee is an extremely loyal dog who always wants to (bread)stick to her person's side. You could say that her future person would be the "apple of her rye". Sara Lee will love her human so much, that she can't imagine having to share her attention with another human. Are you Sara Lee's future com-PAN-ion? Sara Lee would do best with a single, experienced dog owner who can continue her training and doesn’t mind a 56-pound lap dog. Sara Lee would also prefer to not live in a high-rise, as she finds it a bit overwhelming!

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