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If you’re looking for a best pal to play ball with, Dunn is your boy!

Perfect mix of fun and loving? Absolutely!? Housebroken??You betcha!? Can be left alone during the day? ?No problem!? The only thing you’ll need (aside from an abundance of belly rubs and cookies) is a large supply of tennis balls! Dunn is a border collie mix that loves to work and play but equally loves to kick back and hang out! He’s so much fun to train, and already knows basic commands like sit, down, stay, and come.

Since Dunn is a herding breed, he would do best in a house with a private fenced in yard for him to run around. Dunn is also a dog who values privacy, so a quiet neighborhood where there won't be too many strangers or other animals would be ideal for him as well.

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