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Adoptable Critters


Alejandro is a big, bouncy boy who is full of love and energy! His foster reports that he is “an absolute angel,” super smart and eager to please. He’s a great work-from-home buddy who will lay by your side until it’s time to go on a walk! He’s still learning that people do not like to be jumped on, but he’s getting there! Are you Alejandro’s new family? You might be if you’re an experienced owner with no cats and no kids (or kids over 12), and plenty of time to work on his manners. Alejandro is friendly with other dogs but doesn’t need to have dog siblings. He’s ready to be your new best friend!


Clooney Move over, George! There’s a new Clooney in town, and this one is housebroken and far more handsome. Clooney has a few rules that his adopter will need to follow, most notably, he does not like to be picked up. He especially likes to rest, undisturbed (who doesn't?). Clooney also enjoys getting groomed, but leave that to the pros! Feeding time? Privacy please! Clooney enjoys rawhides, bully sticks, and other high value treats as much as the next pup, but, he does not enjoy having them taken from his mouth, so he’d also like to have those in private, too! Clooney will make a great companion for someone who is patient and doesn’t mind having a dog that appreciates boundaries. There’s definitely a perfect home out there for Clooney! Could it be you?


Ileana is a spunky young cat who is all about speaking her mind. She would love nothing more than to have all her family’s love and attention but would not mind a cat sibling or two to keep her company. While Ileana loves to play, she sometimes gets too excited and will need a family who can help her keep calm. Does Ileana sound like she could be your forever friend? If so, make an appointment to come in and meet Ileana today!


We are looking for an Advanced Foster home for Kenobi.

Kenobi is handsome almost three year male cat who is very becoming increasingly stressed and shutdown at the Adoption Center. We are looking for a foster who has experience in handled cats with behavioral issues and can administer daily medications.


Landon Those floppy ears! Those soulful eyes! Landon is a fun, goofy, affectionate pup who thrives on mental and physical stimulation. His loving home is ready for ongoing training with an eager student — made easier by his passion for food. He loves your attention most of all, whether throwing a ball outside or teaming up for a walk around the neighborhood, and at the end of the day he wants to curl up next to you and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Are you Landon’s loving home? You might be if you’re an older kid or adults-only single-family home or spacious walkup, and you’re eager to engage in physical and mental activity with a lovebug of a pup.


Mazzy is an incredible dog and looking for a foster home while she is being treated for an upper respiratory infection. She is on exercise restriction and will need to be the only dog in the home while she recovers from the cold. She may need surgery for a possible tibial fracture - no stairs!

Sara Lee

Sara Lee

This 6-year-old Shepherd mix is a sweet, smart, cuddly dog who loves to learn new tricks, go for long walks, and look for squirrels outside. In addition to showing you all of her tricks like "paw", "touch", and "down", she will happily listen to your bread puns as long as you give her all the pets she wants. In fact, she might just nudge your hand to remind you that you aren't petting her. Sara Lee is an extremely loyal dog who always wants to (bread)stick to her person's side. You could say that her future person would be the "apple of her rye". Sara Lee will love her human so much, that she can't imagine having to share her attention with another human. Are you Sara Lee's future com-PAN-ion? Sara Lee would do best with a single, experienced dog owner who can continue her training and doesn’t mind a 56-pound lap dog. Sara Lee would also prefer to not live in a high-rise, as she finds it a bit overwhelming!