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Adoptable Critters


Alejandro is a big, bouncy boy who is full of love and energy! His foster reports that he is “an absolute angel,” super smart and eager to please. He’s a great work-from-home buddy who will lay by your side until it’s time to go on a walk! He’s still learning that people do not like to be jumped on, but he’s getting there! Are you Alejandro’s new family? You might be if you’re an experienced owner with no cats and no kids (or kids over 12), and plenty of time to work on his manners. Alejandro is friendly with other dogs but doesn’t need to have dog siblings. He’s ready to be your new best friend!


If you love the outdoors and staying active then Bixby is the dog for you! This fun pup has tons of energy to spare. He enjoying long play sessions with all kinds of toys. Playing fetch is one of his favorite things to do! He also loves long walks and cuddle time after all of his energy has been spent. Since Bixby loves to be on the go so much, he would do best in a household with experienced dog owners who are frequently around to spend time with him. He would also do best in a household with a fenced yard so that he can spend as much time outside as he’d like.


If you’re looking for a best pal to play ball with, Dunn is your boy!

Perfect mix of fun and loving? Absolutely!? Housebroken??You betcha!? Can be left alone during the day? ?No problem!? The only thing you’ll need (aside from an abundance of belly rubs and cookies) is a large supply of tennis balls! Dunn is a border collie mix that loves to work and play but equally loves to kick back and hang out! He’s so much fun to train, and already knows basic commands like sit, down, stay, and come.

Since Dunn is a herding breed, he would do best in a house with a private fenced in yard for him to run around. Dunn is also a dog who values privacy, so a quiet neighborhood where there won't be too many strangers or other animals would be ideal for him as well.


Landon Those floppy ears! Those soulful eyes! Landon is a fun, goofy, affectionate pup who thrives on mental and physical stimulation. His loving home is ready for ongoing training with an eager student — made easier by his passion for food. He loves your attention most of all, whether throwing a ball outside or teaming up for a walk around the neighborhood, and at the end of the day he wants to curl up next to you and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Are you Landon’s loving home? You might be if you’re an older kid or adults-only single-family home or spacious walkup, and you’re eager to engage in physical and mental activity with a lovebug of a pup.


Sage is an adorable little ball that is looking to be the shadow of a more confident cat. A home with a more confident cat is needed so that Sage can learn how to become more independent. As an introverted kitten, Sage will need time and patience to come out of her shell. Her previous foster noted that it took a couple of weeks for Sage to come around but once she did she showed just how playful she is! Sage was said to love interactive/moving toys and laser pointers the most! It was also noted that she has quite an appetite for a little kitten so using crunchy treats and lick sticks are a good way to win her over.


Taco is quite the miracle kitten and we couldn't be more proud of how far he has come! Taco first came to PAWs Chicago as a happy, healthy kitten but as time went on, he had a decline. He stopped being able to walk, sit up, or use the bathroom on his own. He went through multiple different tests and was eventually diagnosed with FIP. Luckily, PAWS Chicago was able to get him treated right away and he has bounced back in the most amazing way! Taco now spends his days jumping and climbing all over his room. He is a very playful kitten who loves to chase after crinkle balls when they are thrown for him. Everyone at PAWS Chicago has nothing but good things to say about this wonderful kitten. He is active, affectionate, and a true fighter.