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If Aiden was human he would be an Olympian medal winner...probably in every category.

This handsome two-year-old Australian Cattle dog needs a job to do and will likely succeed at any task. Agility, fly ball. dock name it, Aiden the jock is ready to go! When he is not showing off at doggy sports, long hikes, a strenuous jog or a game of fetch with a big jolly ball will be sure to keep him entertained. So Aiden's is searching for a family that is as tireless as he is.

Aiden is very devoted and enjoys staying nearby his people. He is quite a smart boy and has learned some useful skills that make being his BFF all the more enjoyable. If he starts to pull on the leash, just stop and say “with me” and he comes closer and stops pulling. He also knows “leave it” which is helpful when Aiden is tempted by something he should not have and “back up” when the door opens and he is overly excited.

Another dog in the home that shares his active play-style would be welcome.

If you feel that spirited Aiden is a great match for you, then stop by our South Elgin location to make his acquaintance.

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