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Adoptable Critters


Everyone always wants a friend that will snack and watch movies with them. Ash is a sweet girl that enjoys her treats. Her sassy stares and attitude will leave you in stitches. She has a funny, yet adorable face. This sweet girl is just begging for a home to give her lots of snacks and love.


Baby is really just a big, thick baby! She loves people and just begs you to scratch her belly or back. She enjoys being with her people, but also would love a yard to run around in. Baby came from an unfortunate situation and wants a fresh start to life with a new family that will give her unconditional love and affection and patience. She has such a unique personality that everyone will love and laugh at!


Looking for a cuddle buddy?? A big, handsome guy to melt your heart?? Dozer is your boy! He may be a big boy, but he sure acts like he can fit in your lap! Dozer enjoys running around the yard and then snuggling up on the couch after a long day.


Goose came to us when she had just tiny babies. All of her babies have since been adopted, but she is still waiting for that purrfect home to come along. Goose can be a little shy, but if you just go slow, you will find that she loves to be pet and will roll all around for the attention. She also will never pass up an opportunity to play! Toys are her favorite things in the world!


Grover is a big goofball! He loves to play and loves to be around people. Toys are super fun and the more he can chase and tug the better! Grover would love a family that is ready for adventure and fun things to do. His goofy personality will be a big hit with everyone. With a little bit of manners, he will be a great addition to your household. Grover is a 6 year old pit bull terrier mix who would do best with kids 9 or older and prefer to be in a home with no other animals.


Midnight is your handsome and suave man that you have been searching for. Already docked up in his tuxedo, he is ready for fancy occasions and date nights. Midnight loves to explore and go on adventures, and loves his head scratches. He is perfect for those nights in when you just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies.


Rocky is just a big goof! He loves people and will jump up to give hugs and say hello. He loves to be around people and rub against you just like a cat (a giant cat!). What he loves more than people is food and toys! Toys will keep him entertained all day to where he doesn't even need you to play with him. While he keeps himself entertained, you will be entertained by his cute way of pouncing on all his toys.