Request for Records

As prescribed by the Freedom of Information Act [5 ILCS 140/1] the Office of the Comptroller makes available to any person for inspection or copying all public records. Any written Freedom of Information request is promptly responded to, indicating compliance or denial to the request within 5 working days. In certain circumstances, the Office of the Comptroller may take up to an additional 5 working days to collect and prepare public records for inspection.

If a member of the public is denied access to public records or if a response to a written request is not given within this time limit, the individual requesting access to public records may consider the request denied and may appeal to the Comptroller.

The Comptroller will process and respond that appeal within 5 working days. If the Comptroller affirms the denial of access to public records, the person requesting access may then bring an action in circuit court to seek access to those public records.

Any person may complete a Request for Records form, requesting any reports [Annual Financial Reports, Annual Audits, TIF Reports, databases, etc.] submitted to the Office of the Comptroller’s Local Government Division. All Requests for Records will be responded to promptly and a nominal fee is associated with each request.

All Freedom of Information requests should be directed to:

Office of the Comptroller
Freedom of Information Officer
201 Capitol
Springfield, Illinois 62706
P: 217/782-6000