Comptroller's Critters Dog Care Tips


  • Puppies (8-12 weeks old) – Four meals a day
  • Up to six months – Three meals a day
  • Up to one year – Two meals a day
  • Over one year – One meal a day. Large dogs or those prone to bloat should have two smaller meals a day

Clean water should always be available. Food and water dishes should be washed frequently.

GROOMING— Brush frequently to reduce shedding. Warm weather requires daily checks for fleas and ticks. Bathe the dog a few times a year, thoroughly rinsing soap out from its coat to prevent dirt from sticking to soap residue.

EXERCISE— Daily exercise stimulates mental and physical well-being. Breed type, age, and health status will determine the proper amount of exercise for your dog.

LICENSES and VACCINATIONS— Check with local governing authorities and abide by licensing regulations. Make sure to ask the shelter if the animal has been spayed or neutered, and what kind of vaccinations they received. The animal should have subsequent annual visits to a veterinarian to receive exams and shots.