Accounting Bulletins

Number and Title
205 Signature Authorization and Revocation Forms
204 Pre-Filing of FY2017 Contracts/Grants
203 Instructions for Closing FY15 Expenditure Authority Accounts
202 Special Provisions for FY15 Appropriation Transfers
201 Pre-Filing of FY2016 Contracts/Grants
200 Petty Cash Threshold
199 Commuting Mileage
198 Minimum Qualifications for New GAAP Coordinators and Minimum Training Requirements for GAAP Coordinators
197 Instructions for Closing FY14 Expenditure Authority Accounts
196 Internal Audit Guidelines
195 Pre-Filing of FY2015 Contracts/Grants
194 WH01 Vendor Inquiry
193 Submission of Audit Report
192 Extending the Time Period to Replace Escheated Warrants
191 Agency Invoice Report due every October 1st
190 Transfers Among Line Item Appropriations
189 Instructions for Closing FY13 Expenditure Authority Accounts
188 Pre-Filing of FY2014 Contracts/Grants and Unique Contract/Grant Numbers
187 Fiscal Limitation on Prompt Pay Interest Penalties - Public Act 97-0932
186 Processing Vouchers under $5.00 - Public Act 97-0969
185 Effective Date of New State Offset Requirements
184 Travel Voucher Requirements - Public Act 97-0932
183 Contract/Grant Threshold, Filing Period and Electronic Filing - Public Act 97-0932
182 Detail Object Code 1295 - Travel, Mileage Reimbursements to Employees
181 New State Offset Requirements - Public Act 97-0759
180 Extension of Lapse Period - Public Act 97-0732
179 Instructions for Closing FY12 Expenditure Authority Accounts
178 Pre-Filing of FY2013 Contracts/Grants and Unique Contract/Grant Numbers
177 Direct Deposit Hardship Inquiry Screen and File
176 Commercial Direct Deposit - Multiple Bank Account Program
175 Mandated Direct Deposit – State Employee's Expense Reimbursements
174 Minority Contractor Opportunity Initiative - Public Act 97-0590
173 Mandated Direct Deposit - Public Act 97-0348
172 State Prompt Payment Act Changes - Public Act 97-0348
171 Amended State Prompt Payment Act - Public Act 97-0072
170 Extension of Lapse Period - Public Act 97-0075
169 Consolidation of Prompt Payment Interest Penalty
168 Instructions for Closing FY11 Expenditure Authority Accounts
167 Pre-Filing of FY2012 Contracts/Grants
166 Mandatory Use of NVEN for Agencies
165 New Award Code for Lease Holdovers
164 Timely Execution of Contracts - Revised Requirements
163 Extension of Lapse Period – Public Act 96-0958
162 Professional & Artistic Services Contract Filing Threshold and Timely Execution of Contracts
161 Requirements for Grant Agreements
160 Emergency Purchases
159 Changes to Required Contract Certifications
158 Subcontractor Disclosure Requirements
157 Instructions for Closing FY10 Expenditure Authority Accounts
156 Contract Rates and Units of Measurement - Public Act 96-0794
155 Pre-Filing of FY2011 Contracts
154 Transfers Among Line Item Appropriations
153 Revised NVEN Screen
152 Procurement Code Changes to Contract/Lease Terms
151 Removal of Social Security Numbers from Travel Vouchers
150 Instructions for Closing FY09 Expenditure Authority Accounts
149 Treatment of "Tendered" Bonds Due to Remarketing Failures
148 Pre-Filing of FY2010 Contracts
147 Revised SAMS Forms - Tracking Federal Stimulus Funds
146 New Contract/Grant Certifications for Extensions or Renewals
145 Monthly Comptroller Reports on Website
144 New Contract Certification Legislation
143 Instructions for Closing FY08 Expenditure Authority Accounts
142 Pre-Filing of FY2009 Contracts
141 New Award Code for State Use/Sheltered Workshop Contracts
140 Additional Reporting Requirements for Contracts/Grants
139 Instructions for Closing FY07 Expenditure Authority Accounts
138 Pre-Filing of FY2008 Contracts
137 Prompt Submission of Travel Expenses
136 Elimination of Electronic Commerce Recalls
135 Prompt Submission of Travel Expenses
134 Prompt Submission of Travel Expenses
133 New Vendor Entry Screen
132 Instructions for Closing FY06 Expenditure Authority Accounts
131 Pre-Filing of FY 2007 Contracts
130 Detail Object Code Changes
129 New Detail Object Codes - Consolidations
128 New Contract Certification Legislation
127 New Involuntary Withholding Requirements
126 Definition and Additional Reporting Requirements for Prevailing Wage Contracts/Grants
125 Instructions for Closing FY05 Expenditure Authority Accounts
124 New Contract Requirements - Revised
123 Contract Requirements
122 Pre-Filing of FY2006 Contracts
121 Transfers Among Line Item Appropriations
120 U S Postal Service Federal Identification Number
119 Removal of SSN/FEIN from the Remittance Advice and Warrants
118 Instructions for Closing FY04 Expenditure Authority Accounts
117 Pre-Filing of FY2005 Contracts
116 Additional Contract Certification Legislation
115 New Contract Certification Legislation
114 New Contract Certification Legislation
113 Detail Object Code for Efficiency Initiative Payments
112 Modification of Detail Object Code (DOC) 1286 - Travel and Expense Reimbursement - Reimbursements to Non State Employees
111 Detail Object Code Changes - Attorney Fees
110 Agency Tape/File Balance Reports - No Manual Alterations
109 Instructions for Closing FY 03 Expenditure Authority Accounts
108 Pre-Filing of FY2004 Contracts
107 Petty Cash Fund - Authorized Transactions
106 Reduction in Mileage Reimbursement Rate
105 Transfers Among Line Item Appropriations
104 Application of Prevailing Wage Act to Grant Recipients
103 Prompt Payment Rules and Detail Object Codes
102 Contract Debt Certification Information
101 Instruction for Closing FY2002 Expenditure Authority Accounts
100 Pre-Filing of FY2003 Contracts
Archived Accounting Bulletins


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