Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023

The following statement is from Illinois Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza regarding the budget proposal outlined during Governor Pritzker’s budget address Wednesday, Feb. 15:

“My hope was that Governor Pritzker would propose a balanced budget that shores up our Rainy Day Fund and the Pension Stabilization Fund; that avoids any major commitments for new programs and instead uses revenue surpluses on existing programs that have proven a good return on investment for Illinois taxpayers - programs like early childhood education and MAP grants for Illinois college students. His proposed budget does all that. Instead of new programs, I see careful, strategic, and necessary investments in childcare and pre-school programs where they are most needed. Notably, it includes a continuation of shoring up our Rainy Day Fund and another $200 million for the Pension Stabilization Fund. I will aggressively push for my Rainy Day Bill, HB2515, to make deposits into the Rainy Day Fund and the Pension Stabilization Fund an ongoing commitment. I was pleased the Governor proposed an additional $100 million in MAP grant funding to make college more affordable to our bright minds who can’t afford college today. This will safeguard our current investment of billions of dollars in our kids from K-12, and keep them in Illinois for a fast return on this investment once they graduate with higher income potential. This budget was a good start, and I will continue calling for fiscal restraint and discipline as the budget process unfolds.”