Smart Consumers

Together, we can help residents throughout the state regain their financial footing.

Smart Consumers assists Illinois residents in regaining their financial footing. Through the program, Illinois communities and organizations may schedule financial workshops hosted by the Comptroller’s Office. Workshops address everything from the tracking of daily expenses and budgeting to exploring credit card options and identity theft protection.

To schedule a workshop, please call: (312) 814-0034

Identity Theft is one of our most requested presentations among all ages – but especially for those that are 60+ years young. Learn about the many ways thieves can steal your financial and confidential information and what you can do to keep it out of their hands.

Geared towards high school and college-age students, Next Step looks at budgeting, credit, and identity theft. Delve into the idea of wants versus needs, how to set goals for spending and saving, and how to keep your private and financial information safe.

Learn the basics of credit and all its terminology. Look at the different types of credit cards and what they have to offer. Understand the difference between a credit report and a credit score, and how to manage them.

Learn the basics of budgeting. What does a budget look like? What should you keep in mind while trying to cut expenses? How can you maintain your budget and fulfill your financial goals?