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Although I'm just a teeny bopper, I already know that life is too short to stress over the small stuff. I just love to play, play, play. The other cats think I'm too much fun and sometimes want to engage play, but most of the time just ignore my “kitten antics”. On a hunch, the staff had me meet a little Dachshund who loved to play with cats. I wasn't quite sure what to make of him. He didn't smell quite like a cat and he didn't play quite the same either. Somehow, though, I thought he might want to be my friend. It might take me a few meetings to get use to this whole dog thing but, if you have a little (under twenty pounds) dog who likes to play with cats, I think I might like the idea of having a dog for a playmate or another extremely playful cat.


420 Industrial Dr.
Naperville, IL