UPDATE: Back-Wages Owed to Certain State Employees


Public Act 101-007 (effective June 5, 2019) provides for appropriations in the state budget for back wages that have been owed to thousands of state employees who were denied a wage increase pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement under the prior administration.  

Estimates indicate there are over $400 million in back wages that need to be processed. The Comptroller has directed the payment of the back wages as they are submitted to the Office from various state agencies so state employees don’t have to wait any longer on these payments owed to them. 

It is important to note that the Illinois Office of Comptroller is dependent on each state agency to submit payroll vouchers to the office for processing back-wage payments to its employees, or former employees. In an effort to provide timely updates to state employees, the Office will be posting each payroll as it comes into the Office for processing.

Questions about Your Back Wages?

Please understand that it is quite possible you may receive incremental partial payments of back wages if your state agency calculates one year at a time. If you have not received your back-wage payment, or if you believe you only received partial payment, and you have questions as this process begins to unfold, state employees are encouraged to contact their state agency. For a listing of all state agency contact information, visit this link

Back Wages Processed to Date

To date, the office has processed back-wage payments from the following agencies: 

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