Back-Wages Owed to Certain State Employees

Public Act 100-0586 provides $63.3 million in appropriations in the state budget for back wages that have been owed to thousands of state employees since 2011.   The Office of Comptroller is dependent on each responsible state agency to submit payroll vouchers to the Office for processing back-wage payments to its employees, or former employees. To date, the Office has received and processed the back wage payments for the following agencies under this appropriation authority:

Dept. of Public Health -  $975,881, 937 employees, released Aug 1
Dept. of State Police -  $8,340, 1 employee, released on Aug 9
Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services – $38,859, 34 employees, released Aug 9
Dept. of Human Rights – $5,333, 4 employees, released on Aug 10
Dept. of Human Services – $189,057, 82 employees – released Oct. 17
Dept. of Corrections – $17,562, 9 employees – released Oct. 18
Dept. of Juvenile Justice – $3,184,455, 1,238 employees, released Aug 24
Dept. of Natural Resources - $402,865, 147 employees - released Oct 17

*Note the "released" date indicates when the Office of the Comptroller provided the back-wage payments to the respective state agency. There will be at least an additional day or two lag time for the proper distribution of the payments.

Any current or former state employees who believe they are entitled to receive a back-wage payment are advised to contact the respective state agency they worked for at that time.  Each state agency is responsible for distribution of these payments.  If you have not received your back-wage payment by September 1, 2018, you may wish to contact your state agency to verify your contact information (ie. mailing address) to ensure it is current.  Below is a listing of contact information for various state agencies.

Dept. of Public Health
Phone: 217-782-1884

Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services
Phone:  217-782-1485

Dept. of Human Services
Phone: 866-457-0631

Dept. of Corrections
Phone: 217-557-6010

Dept. of Juvenile Justice
Phone: 217-557-6010

Dept. of Natural Resources
Phone: 217-785-9081

For all state agency contact information, visit this link