Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit allows State of Illinois payees to electronically receive their payments. Vendors opt for Direct Deposit because they get their money in the bank account faster than waiting for a hardcopy check to be printed and delivered through the mail.

More than 70% of all the payments processed by the Office of the Comptroller are issued electronically.

In addition to being faster than the printing process, Direct Deposit is the safer payment option. Gone are the days of paper checks being lost in the mail or misplaced in a cluttered drawer.

Payees on Direct Deposit also have access to more innovative tools offered by the Office of the Comptroller, such as Enhanced Vendor Remittance.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, call: (217) 557-0930

Sign up for Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the fastest, safest, and easiest way for State of Illinois payees to receive their money. Vendors choose Direct Deposit because their money belongs in the bank, and not in the mail.

Warrant Inquiry

The Warrant Inquiry Form allows a vendor to enter the warrant number and determine if the payment has been cashed.

Direct Deposit Hardship Info

Apply for an exemption from the state's Direct Deposit laws if receiving payments electronically would present a unique, irresolvable hardship.

Prevailing Wage Inquiries

Check out this database that includes information concerning recipients of state construction contracts and grants subject to the provisions of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act.