Upload TIF Reports

There are approximately 1,405 TIF Districts from more than 522 municipalities in the State of Illinois.

The FY 2017 TIF forms and instructions are available for download. Governments may complete the forms with their financial information; however, the TIF upload application is currently unavailable. Upon TIF application launch, a letter will be sent to TIF administrators advising them of its readiness and availability for TIF Report upload.

All of the resources administrators need to file their Fiscal Year 2017 TIF Reports are provided below, excluding the "Upload TIF Reports" portal which has not yet been released for FY 2017. Please note that forms from previous years will not be accepted, as well as reports submitted via hardcopy or by email (Public Act 96-1335).

The Upload TIF Reports application has NOT been released for FY 2017.

PLEASE NOTE FY 2017 CONTAINS UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS: Form Instructions for both FY 2017 TIF and EDA Reports contain updated procedures that impact how TIF Administrators should file these Reports.

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Upload TIF Reports