Run Number: 00005398
Process: WH01 - SAMS Transaction Detail Extract

The following statistics were generated during the execution of the SAMS Transaction Detail Extract Process. This process captures information specific to the transactions processed in the financial system since the last Warehouse refresh.

Start Date and Time End Date and Time Status
10/27/2017 08:45:32 PM 10/27/2017 08:50:11 PM WH01 COMPLETED

General Ledger Processing - TotalRecords Read: 75,748
Warrant Extract Headers: 8,334 Lines: 10,077 Amount: $331,396,877.07
Contract Extract Headers: 337 Lines: 190 Amount: $56,344,453.68
Expenditure Extract Records: 11,625 Expended Amount: $361,694,674.25 Encumbered Amount: ($3,590,506.15)
Revenue Extract Records: 2,714 Revenue Amount: $507,904,855.30
Budget Ledger Processing - Total Records Read: 2
Budget Extract Records: 0 Budget Amount: $0.00